COVID-19 –
Test for the World's Legal Systems
The United States, China, Sweden

31 August, 16:00 (Moscow time)
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the world has faced an unusual situation that required rapid response, including one in the field of law. Experts of the International and Comparative Law Research Center continue to discuss the results of its research "COVID-19 ⸺ Test for the World's Legal Systems".

The purpose of the research is to comprehensively study the legal systems' preparedness to the pandemic and, as a result, to identify and analyze the measures taken to combat COVID-19, in particular, the system of new rules, the powers of public authorities at different levels.

Learn about the specific legal regulations in the United States, China, and Sweden related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Moderator and Speakers
Representatives of the federal and regional executive and legislative authorities
Businesspeople of different industries and levels
People interested in the topic
Информационные партнеры
Victoria Manko
General Director of the International and Comparative Law Research Center since 2018. Before that, she took the position of an Expert on Public International Law and Assistant General Director, being a regular member of the Russian delegation to UNCITRAL. Before joining the Center, she worked in Moscow-based international law firms advising clients on international law matters for several years.
Yuxue Fang
Prior to the DPhil, she obtained degrees of MPhil in Law and MJur (Oxford), MSc in Global China Studies (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology) and LLB (Shandong University). She is generally interested in public law and has conducted various Chinese law related research project.
Elizabeth Platt
Elizabeth's work at CPHLR specifically focuses on custom legal research projects using technology-based tools for policy tracking research and public health law practice. She leads CPHLR's policy surveillance project on COVID-19 State Emergency Declarations and Mitigation Policies, which includes the independent research and analysis of over 1,000 state legal actions related to COVID-19 from January 20, 2020 through July 1, 2020.

Elizabeth also leads the development of the Prescription Drug Abuse Policy System, a source of rigorous legal data tracking key state laws related to prescription drug abuse. She also manages the legal research for the CityHealth project, the leading assessment of how the nation's forty largest cities fare when it comes to nine different policy domains that impact people's everyday wellness and quality of life.

Prior to joining CPHLR, Elizabeth was the CEO/COO of Legal Science, LLC after serving as a senior law and policy manager at CPHLR for several years. Elizabeth is licensed to practice law in Massachusetts.
Katarina Fast Lappalainen
A former tax lawyer who is currently an assistant professor in Jurisprudence and Law and Technology at the law department at Stockholm University. She has published articles and book chapters regarding constitutional law, human rights and tax law, as well as being an editor for several anthologies concerning taxation and law and technology. Among others, she has been teaching law at Stockholm university in different legal areas and is frequently engaged as a speaker at different seminars and conferences. She is, for example, currently a lecturer regarding constitutional crisis issues and legislative technique.